The kids shake it up with Milk Rocks

The kids shake it up with Milk Rocks

For more than 10 years "Milk Rocks!" has been shaking things up by "making milk cool" and connecting with school kids K-12 to promote the cooler facts and benefits of drinking milk as a part of a healthy lifestyle.

Some of today’s most popular recording artists, emerging talent, film and television stars and athletes (with an accent on x-treme sports idols) have teamed up through "Milk Rocks!" to help promote proper nutrition by adding milk into the daily routine of America’s teens and ‘tweens. The program includes activities in school and on the Web, and the "Milk Rocks!" live concert and traveling show.

"Milk Rocks!" was developed by MilkMedia™ and Memphis-based Evergreen Packaging, the nation’s largest producer of school milk cartons. On Feb. 11, Evergreen Packaging and Turner Dairy brought the "Milk Rocks!" show, featuring rising star Britney Christian and her band, to perform live for the kids of St. Jude.

Upon arrival, Christian, who serves as the official "Milk Rocks!" spokesperson, and the rest of the band toured the hospital. Afterward, they plugged in and rocked out for the kids, encouraging them all to "be milk rock stars!" The group performed just outside the cafeteria at the Kay’s Family Corner and at the close of the show presented a signed guitar to Child Life specialist Kelly Anderson. Then kids and fans alike were treated to T-shirts, hats and CDs and autographed tour posters by Christian and the band.


March 2010

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