Lee Williams and The Spiritual QC’s: taking inspiration from St. Jude

For over 30 years, the gospel quartet Lee Williams and The Spiritual QC's have been making music solely for the love of doing so. There was a time when music was not intended to be each member’s full-time job. It has only been in recent years that the Tupelo, Mississippi-based foursome has completely dedicated themselves to spreading their gospel message. In the early 90's, their self-produced cassette made its way onto the Memphis radio airwaves, and listener response was better than positive. The radio station began getting lots of calls from listeners requesting the quartet’s songs be played and asking where the record could be bought. As their audience and fan base continued to grow, the quartet—composed of Lee Williams, Al Hollis, Leonard Shumpart and Roger McKinney—signed on with MCG Records in 1996 and produced their first album, Love Will Go All the Way. This debut album propelled them from having a solid, regional following to a national fan base, making them one of the most popular acts in gospel music. Bringing their high-energy, R&B and rock-flavored gospel music to their followers has the quartet traveling all across America, performing more than 200 dates a year.

In May, Lee Williams and the Spiritual QC's made a detour to Memphis and stopped by St. Jude Children's Research Hospital® to tour the hospital and get a better understanding of the cause that has become near and dear to their hearts. Williams, a quiet man, appeared truly moved by his visit, expressing a heart-felt "thank you" at the end of his tour. Fresh from their hospital visit, the quartet's performance before a packed crowd at the Temple of Deliverance COGIC was inspirational. Says Williams of the event, "It was truly an amazing evening where the Holy Spirit settled upon the entire band and audience" and the show "made for one of the most memorable concert experiences in the history of our performing." In the true spirit of giving, the group and their record label, MCG Records, presented a check for $1,000 to St. Jude from the proceeds of the concert.

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